What is The Most Popular Candy in Mexico?

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Mexico is a country with a rich and vibrant culture and lifestyle. So, when it comes to Mexican candy, you can expect flavor combinations to be equally rich and vibrant. Mexican candies come in a variety of options — and even the familiar favorites come with unexpected twists!

Whether you grew up with these fabulous combinations flavoring your childhood or you’re just taking your first bites of candy from south of the border, we’ve ventured into the world of Mexican candy with ten of the most popular candies in the country. Do you see your childhood favorites on this list? Did we miss your tio’s favorite or that one your abuela swore off in the 70s? 

Let us know which of these classic Mexican candies we should feature in our next variety box — or dive into all ten and find a new favorite!

#1 De La Rosa Mazapan

These crumbly delights are sweet and will melt in your mouth right away. De la Rosa Mazapan, a type of specialty mazapan covered with chocolate, is a delicious salty-sweet peanut confection. The round chewy candy made of crushed peanuts is covered and enriched with the energy and flavor of chocolate. It’s the peanut butter and chocolate combo you know with a Mexican twist! 

#2 Paleta Payaso

Paleta Payaso is a famous Mexican candy and has been on the market since 1972. The name translates as “Clown Lollipop.” With one bite into this delicious treat, you’ll experience a fluffy marshmallow lollipop coated with sinfully sweet chocolate flavor and sweet gummies to top it off.

#3 Vero Mango

Popular among Mexican schoolchildren and grandparents alike, this classic lollipop treat takes your taste buds on a tropical trip. Below a fine layer of mild spicy chili powder, a tropical mango taste awaits. Let the spicy-sweet dynamic take you somewhere you can only dream of. (Or, y’know, to your abuela’s backyard, without spending the cash on a plane ticket.)

#4 Pelon Mini Tamarindo  

This tasty treat is squeezed out of a tube through a grate, giving a spaghetti or hair “Medusa-like” effect. It sounds complicated, but that’s what makes it fun! It’s a delicious tamarind-flavored with soft and gooey texture that’s sweet, sour, and spicy all at once. Perfect for getting all over your fingers right when it’s time to head back in from recess — not that we’re speaking from experience or anything.  

 #5 Limon 7 Paleta

This one is for the traditionalist! This lollipop is a mouthwatering combination of salt and tangy lemon. The taste lasts for minutes, even after you have finished the candy. Perfect for those who crave sour flavors! (And for bribing younger siblings, but we’re not admitting to anything.)

#6 Diablo Chamoy Chili Seasoned Gummy Bears

These unique gummy bears come in an assortment of flavors including strawberry, orange, green apple, cherry, pineapple, and lemon. The entire bag is seasoned with a chamoy chili seasoning which gives a spicy, sour, and sweet flavor. Do we talk about these gummy bears enough? Because we’re OBSESSED. 

#7 Indy Dedos

If you love warm, spicy sensations, Indy Dedos is for you. These delicious treats are one of the most traditional and familiar Mexican candies. The sweet, enticing tamarind flavor blends perfectly with the delicious, salted chili, creating a sour, sweet, and spicy taste that will make your mouth burn in a warm and delicate sensation. Basically our entire childhoods in a single candy!

#8 Aldama Obleas

A soft and delicious traditional Mexican candy that will definitely blow your mind! Aldama’s Obleas are soft candy mini wafers that cover the milked-candy, creamy inner side. The combination creates the perfect mixture while chewing and is very satisfying. The outside of the candy has a coating of caramel. The caramel melts after chewing for a while, and brand-new tastes and flavors appear. 

#9 Bubbaloo Gum  

This famous Mexican bubblegum is known for its long lasting flavor. Once you start chewing the soft, creamy gum, it releases a sweet and delicious strawberry syrup. Just perfection!

#10 De la Rosa's Pulparindo

De la Rosa is a household name for a reason! The famous candy brand’s other mouthwatering familiar favorite is a popular Mexican treat featuring one of the most traditional seasoning combinations. The delicious, savory candy bar contains the perfect mixture between tamarind pulp and hot, salted chili. It creates a delightful balance between sweet, fruited flavors and zesty chili. 

As you can see from the list above, there are many sweet, sour, and spicy candies from Mexico – a great representation of the culture, whether you’re just discovering Mexican candy culture or diving deep into familiar favorites from childhood.

Grab a few or try them all — and if you’re having trouble deciding which candies you want to give a try, pick up a variety box from MexiCrate today! 

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    A good tasty Mexican candy made with putty and one of the best in a Mexican party in la piñiata

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