The 8 Most Popular Ingredients in Mexican Candy


It wouldn’t be a stretch to call the MexiCrate team ingredient experts: We’re always searching for new and nostalgic flavors and products to add to our collection. This week, we’re taking a look at some of the most common — and our favorite! — ingredients in Mexican candy: all the things that add to Mexico’s unique candymaking culture. 

If you’re introducing these flavors to your palate for the first time or you’re hunting down your favorite childhood treats, we’ve got ‘em in stock. Check out the 8 most popular ingredients in Mexican candy, then stock up on your favorites in our dulceria! 

Just don’t get mad at us when this blog sets off your sweet tooth 😉

The 8 Most Popular Ingredients in Mexican Candy

  1. Mazapan. Made from just two ingredients — peanuts and confectioner’s sugar — mazapan is one of the most common ingredients in Mexican candy. And for good reason! This delicious, salty-sweet paste combines the roasty, toasty texture and flavor of oven-baked peanuts with the intense sweetness of powdered sugar. You’ll find mazapan in everything, from chocolate-covered lollies to mazapan cookies and everything in between. 
  2. Tamarindo. Ahh, tamarindo. Just a single taste of this tangy, fruity flavor is enough to set off endless childhood memories of family parties and long summer nights. Tamarindo is made from the fruit of the tamarind tree — shocker — which is known for its sweet and sour taste. Usually very chewy, tamarindo can be found on its own, rolled in sugar or nuts or stretched into a taffy-like treat. You can also find tamarindo wrapped in chocolate or dusted with chili powder — either way, it’s a surefire family favorite. 
  3. Chocolate. What candy culture would be complete without chocolate? Mexican chocolate puts more emphasis on spice than sweetness, with that rich, coffee-like flavor distilled from generations of family recipes. Cocoa beans have had an honored place in Mexican candy culture all the way back to the time of the Mayans. Today, Mexican chocolate is served on its own or as an accompaniment to the fruity, sour, or salty flavors we know and love. Our favorite: chocolate-dipped mazapan!
  4. Citrus (lemon and lime). Is there any Mexican family meal that doesn’t feature lime juice? It’s no surprise that citrus flavors like lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit are so popular in Mexican candy. Whether they’re used to bring out sweetness or meant to make you pucker up, you’ll find citrus additions to your favorite lollies, hard candies, and gummies. 
  5. Chamoy. This is where we Mexican candy lovers start playing with spicy-sweet flavor profiles. Chamoy is technically a condiment, made from fruits like apricot, plum, or mango mixed with chilies, salt, and lime juice. (See? We told you we can’t make Mexican food without limes!) While chamoy is typically used as a topping or dipping sauce for grilled meat, fruit, or even nachos, you can also find it in Mexican candy. That’s because chamoy can be made into a powder or paste, which is then dusted or rolled into other popular Mexican candy ingredients like chocolate or hard candies.  
  6. Tropical fruit and stone fruit. Ooh, did we stump you with this one? “Stone fruit” refers to any fruit with a pit or a “stone”, like mango, apricot, peach, plum, or cherry. You’ll find a ton of stone fruit flavors in Mexican candy, particularly mango. In the more tropical realm, think of flavors like coconut, watermelon, and — the crowd favorite — pineapple. Other fruits, like apples and berries, are popular in Mexican candy too, even though they’re technically part of the rose family and not stone fruit. No matter your favorite fruit, you’re likely to find it in some capacity in Mexican candy. 
  7. Citric acid (sour flavoring). Acid in candy sounds a little freaky, but not when you consider how much we enjoy that pucker-up feeling of our favorite sour treats. Citric acid is the natural ingredient in citrus (duh) and other foods that makes it tangy or sour. And because we Mexican candy aficionados love our sour candy, you’re likely to find citric acid in the ingredients list for many of your favorite Mexican candies. Gummies, lollipops, dipping sticks, and more come with powders or fillings flavored with citric acid. Pucker up and dig in! 
  8. Chili or chili powder. Finally, let’s turn up the heat with the best spicy Mexican candy. Chili powder is a common ingredient in Mexican candy, so common that you’ll find it paired with just about every other flavor we’ve put on this list! At MexiCrate HQ, you’ll find us snacking on chili-coated gummy bears, spicy mango gummies, and spiced pineapple lollipops.   

Whether you’re searching for the nostalgic candies of your childhood or you’re just dipping a toe into the wide range of Mexican candy flavors, MexiCrate is here for you. Our monthly subscription boxes are the best way to stock up on a variety of classic Mexican flavors, so you can rediscover your favorite tamarindo and mazapan treats or introduce the whole family to an entire flavor culture.

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