What are the best holiday candies in Mexico?

The end of the year has been a major celebration in Mexico all the way back to the Aztecs. The solstices in winter and spring were two of the most important holidays of the year in Aztec culture. And while many things have changed in the centuries since, the emphasis on the winter holidays still rings true in Mexico—and around the world!

Holidays like Christmas, the Las Calendas parade, Hanukkah, and Las Posadas all take place around the winter solstice. And although the weather might not get quite as chilly in Mexico as it does elsewhere, the flavor profiles during the holidays still warm you right up. Spicy chamoy and Tajín, savory fruit, and succulent chocolate are all holiday favorites in Mexico.

Let’s check out a few of our favorite holiday candy flavors! 


Sweet and Spicy Fruit

During holiday celebrations in Mexico, you’ll often find street vendors selling all kinds of holiday treats. One of our favorites is sweet and spicy fruit, usually in the form of gummies like peach rings or gummy mango lollipops

You can also make sweet and spicy fruit rings at home by soaking your favorite fruit in chamoy, then dusting it with Tajín. The longer you let the fruit soak, the gummier the texture will be. This is how the ancient peoples of Mexico made their fruit candy — so each time you make this at home, you’re getting closer to your roots! 


Turrón and Nougat

Sweet, creamy fillings are a classic in Mexican holiday candy. One of the most popular is called turrón, often presented as individual, colorfully wrapped candies. Nougat, another popular filling, is made from sugar or honey, roasted nuts, and egg whites to create a chewy, creamy consistency. De La Rosa has an amazing chocolate and nougat candy bar that’s a perfect choice for the holidays!

Another traditional Mexican candy is cajeta, a creamy, caramel-like filling made from goat’s milk that usually comes wrapped in chocolate or layered in wafers. Our favorite is the Mini Oblea Cajeta from candymaker Aldama. 


Tamarindo Candy

Sour and tangy tamarind candy is a popular choice during the holidays, both for its classic taste and its historic roots. One of our favorite candymakers, De La Rosa, offers delicious Pulparindots in flavors like mango, watermelon, and spicy tamarindo



Mazapan is another easy, delicious, and historic candy in Mexico. It’s popular around the holidays due to its succulent, unique taste that can be creamy, powdery, or chewy. You’ll usually find mazapan as a filling, like these chocolate-dipped candies from De La Rosa. You can also eat mazapan just as it is. There’s nothing quite like biting into a delicious, soft mazapan candy—but we won’t judge you if you stuff the whole thing in your mouth! 


Chamoy Candy

Chamoy adds a savory, spicy zing to sweet candy, like these chamoy gummy bears from Jovy. Or, if you love chamoy as much as we do, you might grab a bottle of liquid chamoy to squeeze onto fresh fruit, chocolate, and just about anything you can get your hands on! 



And of course, who can forget chocolate? Mexican chocolate, with its unique and spicy flavor profile, is a major part of the December holidays. Our chocolate is typically served up in Mexican hot chocolate, as a companion to filling like wafers, fruit, and mazapan, or just devoured as-is. 

However you celebrate the holidays, the MexiCrate team is here to help you carry on your family’s traditions. Check out our Dulceria for your favorite childhood treats, or check out something new by trying out one of our variety boxes. (Pro tip: The variety boxes also make amazing gifts!!) 

From all of us to all of you, we wish you a very happy holiday season! 

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