How to Make Dad’s Day with the Ultimate Mexican Father’s Day BBQ!

It’s almost time for Día del Padre! Are you ready for Father’s Day? Coming soon on June 18th, Father’s Day is a time to get together with family, eat good food, share good memories, and celebrate everything about Dad! 

At MexiCrate, some of our warmest and fuzziest memories are the Father’s Day celebrations we concocted as kids. This year, we’re breaking down one of our favorite Father’s Day traditions from Mexico: the coveted Father’s Day BBQ! 

Everything You Need To Know About Día del Padre

One of the biggest things that sets Mexican Father’s Day apart from other worldwide celebrations is its emphasis not just on our direct relations, but also extended family and friends, as well as anyone who has ever been a “father figure” in your life. This could be a grandfather, an uncle, a teacher, a big brother, or any other male who’s had a positive impact on you. 

Father’s Day celebrations in Mexico range from low-key family gatherings to official events in schools (think potluck lunches with Dads and father figures as the special guests of honor). Some places even host full community events like Mexico City’s Fun Run (Carrera Día del Padre 21K Bosque de Tlalpan), where fathers and their children complete a road race together. And of course, we use Día del Padre as an excuse to get together for an enormous meal! 

What’s included in a Día del Padre outdoor fiesta? 

The most common Father’s Day family celebration is an outdoor BBQ: grilled and roasted meat and veggies, droolworthy side dishes, heaping servings of cerveza and agua fresca, and delectable desserts like pan dulce and chocolate. Interestingly, these feasts are typically a morning activity in Mexico. (After all, there’s a ton of fun to get to with the community celebrations later in the day!) 

A proper Día del Padre event starts with the food. Finger foods like guacamole, salsa verde and salsa roja, and elotes make up the appetizers, while a decadent summer entree — like grilled meat skewers with pineapple and veggies, stuffed and fried chile relleno, or grilled chicken or pork smothered in a decadent mole sauce — becomes the centerpiece of the meal. 

After the main meal is cleared away, it’s time for dessert! Traditional Mexican desserts like pan dulce are a great choice for Día del Padre — but really, the point is just to treat Dad’s sweet tooth! While the desserts are being plated, a snack of Dad’s favorite Mexican candies is a great way to get the sugar and spice flowing. 

And who can forget the gifts? During or after the meal, it’s tradition to give dads and father figures gifts like handmade cards and art, a new tie, or memorabilia from his favorite sports team. The idea here is more about sentimentality than monetary value: whatever shows that you love your dad and you know him really well makes a much better gift than something with an expensive price tag. 

Why Celebracíon de la Familia is so important 

Like a lot of Mexican holidays, Día del Padre isn’t always about one person: it’s about spending time with your family and your found family, celebrating what it means to be a familia as well as the specific people who make your family so special. 

However you choose to honor your fathers and father figures during Día del Padre, we hope you bring us along for the festivities! MexiCrate candy makes an excellent gift for Dad, as well as a critical component of any large meal. (If you’re not sure where to start, we always recommend one of our variety boxes, so everyone can have a little bit of something special!) Shop our Dulceria for all of Dad’s childhood favorites!  

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