How to Celebrate Mexican Mother’s Day: A Sweet Twist on a Global Holiday

Mother’s Day is a cherished holiday around the world — and nowhere more so than in Mexico! El Dia de la Madre, celebrated on May 10th each year, is a unique day full of food, flowers, and music. 

What do you do on Mexican Mother’s Day?

El Dia de la Madre is a great opportunity to shower Mom with gifts and affections. It’s traditional to wake up your mother on Mexican Mother’s Day with singing. This is usually a simple folk song performed by members of the family, but some people pull out all the stops and bring in a mariachi band or folk trio to serenade Mom. 

The rest of the day might include a special mass at the local church, followed by a massive family meal featuring all your favorite Mexican delicacies: mole, enchiladas, quesadillas, sopes, and more. (And of course, we always finish the day with a hearty serving of our favorite Mexican chocolates and candies.)

After the meal, the kids and grandkids might get together for more skits and performances — silly celebrations and retellings of the family’s favorite stories, or more songs written specially for the moms of Mexico. Some schools even put on specialty talent shows to honor moms, inviting the mothers and suegas of the community as special guests!

What makes Mexican Mother’s Day different?

Well, the obvious difference is the date. In the United States and other countries, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. In Mexico, however, the date always falls on May 10th. 

This is for a few reasons: The month of May has long been revered in Mexico as a celebration of mothers and fertility goddesses like the Mayan Ix Chel. In 1922, in celebration of Mexican traditions and the rising rights and independence of Mexican women, journalist Rafael Alducin declared May 10th to be the official celebration of mothers in Mexico. Plus, the 10th of the month is typically “pay day” in Mexico — and has been for generations! — which means most people have a little extra to spend on a gift for Mom.

Countries around the world have a dedicated day to celebrate mothers, but probably the biggest difference between global Mother’s Day and Mexican Mother’s Day is the enthusiasm: in Mexico, El Dia de la Madre is a massive celebration — sometimes with parades and grand events, not just special moments at home! 

What is a good present for Mexican Mother’s Day?

Traditional Mexican Mother’s Day gifts include flowers, cards, and of course — candy. It’s considered good manners (and tradition) to gift Mom with an elegant bouquet to show your appreciation. And like moms around the world, Mexican mothers often enjoy handmade or personalized gifts, along with a small thing she really loves, like her favorite Mexican chocolate or a figurine with sentimental value. 

El Dia de la Madre is also a great opportunity to give Mom some of the comfort she’s always given you. Some classic cozy Mexican Mother’s Day gifts include warm blankets or sweaters, gloves or other protective accessories that make the workday easier, or items Mom can use to relax, like scented candles or lotions, bath supplies, and other gifts meant for relaxation. 

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